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Product manufactured in Barcelona (Spain) since 1998.

Through our distributors, 8CPLUS is present in most continents and in constant evolution.

All orders are delivered as quickly as possible, both nationally and internationally, thanks to our permanent stock.

We have Chalk that respects the environment to avoid visual contamination.

8CPLUS is always innovating, improving its products and growing in the market.

We have certificates that certify the quality of our product, absence of heavy metals, allergens and gluten. Suitable as a food additive (E504¡¡) and quality certified according to ISO9001.

magnesio para pesas
Suitable for climbing.
magnesio para pesas
Suitable for weight lifting and Crossfit.
magnesio para pesas
Suitable for gymnastics.
magnesio para pesas
Suitable for paddle, tennis or table tennis.
*Suitable for any other sport where hand grip is needed.

About us

Magnesium manufacturers and distributors located in Barcelona (Spain)

We manufacture and distribute different types of specialized Chalk for climbing, paddle, crossfit and gymnastics.

In 8CPLUS we are dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of Chalk with quality raw materials for any sport in which hand grip is needed. We have many formats suitable for each sport whether indoor or outdoor, to know which format is suitable for the sport you practice, we invite you to look at our catalog that is available in several languages. The Chalk of 8CPLUS is of dolomitic origin and is manufactured in Barcelona, has quality certificates that show that it is free of heavy metals, does not contain any type of allergen, does not contain gluten or has been in contact with it, is accredited as a food additive and its quality is certified according to ISO9001.


We have different variants of Chalk for climbers, powder, crunchy, block, flocs (balls), liquid and gel, we also have mixtures with rosin and rosin alone.


The magnesium that we manufacture and distribute to crossfit users is available in both powder and crunchy.


In addition to our light magnesium powder, we also propose the use of magnesium block, liquid and gel designed for these indoor sports.


We have available magnesium in gel and liquid for paddle in addition to all our magnesium variant.

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Our products are in the process of being certified by the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals Regulation (REACH)

The documentation of our ISO9000 Quality accreditation has been initiated

The distribution of our colored tape protection has begun. With very good acceptance in the international market.



The MgCream has been designed to protect the hands of magnesium users by hydrating and regenerating the skin thanks to its three main components such as Aloe Vera, Rosehip Oil and Jojoba Oil.

Joint tests with the Faculty of Pharmacy, to improve our products.